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We inform you that we are looking for 3 motivated EVS volunteers for Asociación Marroqui (Para La Integración De Los Inmigrantes).

  • Venue: Málaga (Spain)
  • Start: 04.09.2017
  • End: 04.08.2018
  • Duration: 11 Months
  • Number of Vacancies: 3
  • Deadline to apply:  26 JULY

We will just take in consideration responsible, motivated and passionate application forms!

Information about the project

The Association Moroccan for the integration of immigrants is occupied in different fields:

  • Promote the total integration of the people immigrant who is subject of rights and duties in Spanish society, through the formation , the increasing of sensibility and the orientation
  • Improve the knowledge of the people on the reality of this topic, promoting programs of sensitization on the importance of the immigration, preventing and avoiding prejudices and changing attitudes already existed like xenophobia y racism
  • Guarantee the equality with the native population on the access to public services like health service, instruction, employment, home, social services, legal advice through strategies promoting voluntary work
  • Provide the attention to the immigrants, in particularly to women, children and guys
  • Protect rights and interests of the abroad students and support the relationship between the students and the Moroccan teachers
  • Promote the development of the intercultural mediation and language translation
  • Perform activities of international cooperation that contribute to the development of the countries of the immigrant population

The volunteer will participate in these activities:

  • Intercultural projects with local and immigrate population
  • Participation in different day work, conferences and seminaries organized by our association
  • Learn a new way of teaching to teenagers in social exclusion
  • Participation in different activities directed to immigrate children like intercultural games and learn by history and tell stories
  • The voluntary will participate in our cooperation project with North Morocco, in particularly with Tetúan province
  • Sensitization projects directed to the children of the education center of Málaga province
  • Our organization carries out projects financed by Málaga’s town hall and Andalusia’s assembly and others public and private organisms directed to women in social exclusion; so the voluntary will have the chance of knowing the situation of these women and her children
  • Programs directed to young people that before to become adult were represented by local government and now they are “homeless”; with this experience the voluntary can know other reality and the situation of these guys

So our organization wants volunteers to face other culture and reality and contribute with new ideas. Besides the voluntary will understand the working of an association that makes possible the integration of immigrants with different methods. The voluntary will be involved in our activities and be in contact with local population, in particular young people.  So our association wants to work with Europe voluntaries to promote foreign- exchange and values like solidarity and tolerance to fight the discrimination and prejudices already existed. In fact we worked with North Morocco’s organizations to send voluntaries, in particularly in Tetúan province, with the purpose of making theme knowing the reality of a country in way the development; with this possibility the sent voluntaries had the chance of getting in touch with the people of an emarginated district and knowing the work of these Moroccan organizations. We want welcome Europe voluntaries in our association with the coordination of the young exchange association, organizer of the welcome. Our role will be welcome the voluntaries, provide the formation, the information and the space where carry out the activities, promote the training and culture exchange, make them to participate in projects and programs carried out by the association. The organizer organization will be in charge of providing the accommodation, the support, the language formation and local transport.

Finally the voluntary will learn new skills and his professional, culture and personal development will be guaranteed with a certification.


Further information about the volunteers life

Volunteers could cook their meals by their own in their flats, they are going to receive 180 euros each month.

Accommodation will be in rented flats shared with other EVS volunteers or youth people. They will be provided with standard equipment and essential household goods. and electricity, water, gas will be covered by the hosting organization. Internet connection is not facilitated by the hosting organization

Pocket money
Each volunteer will be given a monthly allowance of 105 euro for personal needs every day

Local transport
Every volunteer will have a chance to choose BIKE or BUS CARD if it needed, long distance activities will be covered by hosting organization if is it needed.

Language support
Every volunteer is entitled to receive language support with an online platform, as stated in Erasmus+ programme.

The volunteer will have the same holiday days as the rest of the association.

Trainings and support

  • The mentor will offer constantly his support and personal assistance to the volunteers.
  • Applicant organization/sending organization/hosting organization is responsible for the volunteer’s insurance, all the parties are obliged to get acquainted with the insurance rules.

Selection process

Anyone interested after reading this info may fill in the online application form and attach their CV and motivation letter (in english or spanish) before the 10h  of March. We will select The interviews will be held on skype after  26th of JULY 2017






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