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Basic Info:

Venue: Málaga (Spain).

Entity: IES Cánovas del Castillo.

Duration: 9 months (01.10.20 – 30.06.21)

Working day: 30-35h/week, 5 days/week.

Holidays: School Holidays.

Number of Vacancies: 2

Deadline to apply: 04.04.2021

On-line-Interview: 19.04.21 – 23.04.2021


Take into consideration that it is not an approved project, we are planning to apply on the first ESC Deadline in May 2021

What is included? Accommodation, money for food (€ 150/month), travel money (up to a fixed maximum), local transport (if needed) and Pocket money (€ 150/month).

Thematic of the project:

Our school wants to make our students aware of the European community, not forgetting the social integration of the different cultures that coexist in our school. We are interested in someone with social skills able to immerse him/herself in the sociocultural context of our school.  We need an openminded person and with a proactive attitude. Besides the voluntary will understand the working of our school, will be involved in our activities and be in contact with the local population, in particular young people. The volunteer must have a good level of English. French and Spanish will be valued. IT skills are also required.

We will just take into consideration responsible, motivated, and passionate application forms!

Anyone interested might read the info below, fill in the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM,  and attach their CV and motivation letter (in English or Spanish) before  04.04.2021 until 23:59h.

More info:

IES CANOVAS DEL CASTILLO is a Secondary and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Public School in Málaga (Spain), five minutes walking from the city center, it is surrounded by one of the University Campus, a Theatre, an Arts school and the Advanced Music Conservatory of Málaga.

Malaga is located in Andalusia, the South of Spain, near Seville and Granada.

We have compulsory and non-compulsory secondary (Bachillerato) education students, vocational training courses on ICT and Tourism and Adults education students. Secondary studies are bilingual (Spanish-French) as well as one of the Tourism courses. The other vocational Tourism and ICT courses are Spanish-English bilingual.

 We are located in a working-class neighborhood, but some of our students come from depressed social areas, and there is a high percentage of immigrant students.

We focus our educational vision in three main goals:

  • An Educational Project based on diversity and academic excellence
  • The quality of teaching
  • The social integration of the different cultures that coexist in our school

In order to meet these objectives, we offer a variety of activities and educational programs which are not strictly academic which include the environment, health, entrepreneurial culture, school libraries, multilingualism, etc.

We want to make the students aware of the European community and to achieve this we coordinate several Erasmus+ projects:  KA103  and KA102 for Vocational Training courses which includes mobility of students and teachers, KA219 for Secondary Education. We also participate in school exchanges with France (Brittany and Strasbourg) in which we emphasize values like responsibility, tolerance and the knowledge of other countries’ traditions.

Our school is looking for highly motivated volunteers prepared to participate in our activities and projects.

The main areas where the volunteer can be involved are:

  • Library: The volunteer will organize workshops in the library designing activities to raise European awareness (literary discussions, exhibitions, lectures, informal meetings with our students).
  • School garden: the volunteer will collaborate with the Biology teachers in the school garden. This project is focused on students from depressed areas with behavior and learning problems.
  • The program “I am useful”: the volunteer will support the program “soy útil” (I am useful) which has been designed for disruptive students who have been temporarily expelled from school. They have to help in community jobs in one of the associations close to our area.
  • Supporting the department of extra-curricular activities helping with the organization and implement the activities done both in and out of the school.
  • ICT tasks: The volunteer will update the school website and the school social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Supporting the department of school coexistence helping with the organization and implementation of activities in order to improve the relationships in all the scholar community.

Supporting the coordinator and students involved in the Erasmus+ project.

Opportunities for the volunteers

  • Development of social and cultural skills, as volunteers, will have the opportunity to interact with a large number of young people from very different backgrounds and this will provide volunteers with a real view of youth in Spain.
  • The volunteer will also learn or improve his/her Spanish language, as this is our working language
  • The volunteer will know the cultural offer in Malaga participating in the cultural activities with our students.
  • The volunteer will have access to computers, photocopies and all the resources at the school.
  • Work together with experienced teachers and exchange knowledge on educational projects, planning and carrying out different kinds of activities.

Volunteer profile

  • We are interested in someone with the ability to adapt to a great variety of tasks, as expressed above.
  • Someone with social skills able to immerse him/herself in the sociocultural context of our school. We need an open-minded person and with a proactive attitude.
  • The volunteer must have a good level of English and/or Spanish. French will be highly valued.
  • IT skills are also required.

Expected activities

  • the cultural activities organized by the Plataforma de Alumnos
  • the coordination of international activities
  • the workshops or excursions organized by the Association
  • some community and local events
  • English Club in the Association
  • Intercultural exchange Meetings
  • Youth Information Point
  • Library (Support and Promote Events)
  • School garden (support)
  • The program “I am useful” (support)
  • Extra-curricular activities (support and attend)
  • ICT tasks (support and promote)
  • Department of school coexistence (support)

Expected learning outcomes

  • Broader understanding about different cultures and nations, nurturing tolerance and open-mindedness of the volunteer.
  • New organisational and better abilities in operating a wide range of activities and facilities for the target group of the activity.
  • Work with a certain target group.
  • Language and cultural skills. The format, duration, and frequency of linguistic support depend greatly on volunteers’ needs and abilities.
  • Experiences working in an intercultural team, development of teamwork, cooperation, and communication skills.
  • Knowledge about Erasmus+ programme and international projects.


Week timetable

The normal working day will last six hours and a half, usually in the morning, from 8:30 to 15:00 and, some weeks, a day of after school activities in the afternoon.

A prime example of a working day:

The week will start with the volunteer activities organization with the mentor.

– Before the break:

  • Organization of activities in the library (two days)
  • Organization of extra-curricular activities (two days)
  • The program “I am useful”

– During the Break:

  • Activities in the library

Whether the volunteer carries out activities during the break he/she will have a rest before or after the normal break.

– After the break:

  • Coexistence department activities (two days)
  • TICs activities (two days)
  • Erasmus+ (two days)
  • School garden

Some specific days the volunteer should assist in the afternoon to some activities or meetings without exceeding the number of weekly hours. 

When the volunteer assists in extra activities out of school, which lasts the whole day or even some days or the weekend, he or she will have free days.


Volunteers could cook their meals on their own in their flats, they are going to receive 150 euros each month.


Accommodation will be in rented flats shared with other ECS volunteers or Spanish people. They will be provided with standard equipment and essential household goods. and electricity, water, gas will be covered by the hosting organization. Internet connection is not facilitated by the hosting organization.

Accommodation info pack and flat rules will be provided.

The volunteer will have to make a 300 euros deposit that will be reimbursed once the project is ended and volunteer leave  tidy, clean and with no damage in the private room and common areas

Local transport

Local transport will be provided for distance over 2,5 km from home to office.

If transport is needed, Each volunteer will have a chance to choose a BIKE or BUS CARD


As the Volunteers will work at a school, they will follow the academic Calendar. So they will have two free weeks for Christmas, one free week called Semana Blanca, at the end of February, and another free week at Easter.

Language Course

ONLINE PLATFORM PROVIDED BY COMMISSION. There is no possibility to offer face to face language support granted by the project costs.

Application process: 

If you are interested in this project, please fill in the following application form and attach your CV, motivation letter and Photo. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a Skype interview between 19.04.21 – 23.04.2021 .  The deadline for applications is 25.03.2020.


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