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We inform you that we are looking for 2 motivated ESC volunteers EUSA BEACH GAMES 2023


FROM: Candidates from EU  (NON EU, is not posssible as we do not have BUDGET and TIME for VISA)

The European Solidarity Corps team project is a 30 DAYS initiative aimed at promoting youth empowerment and intercultural dialogue, from 5th of September till 5th of October, in Malaga, Spain.

The project will involve a team of 25 volunteers from different European countries, who will work together to organize a series of events and activities in local communities connected to


  1. To promote youth empowerment by providing opportunities for young people to develop their skills, leadership abilities, and self-confidence.
  2. To foster intercultural dialogue by bringing together young people from different backgrounds and encouraging them to learn from one another.
  3. To create a positive impact on local communities by organizing events and activities that address community needs and promote social inclusion.

The European Solidarity Corps team project will bring together a diverse group of young volunteers from across Europe to work towards a common goal of promoting youth empowerment and intercultural dialogue. Through a series of activities and events, the volunteers will develop their skills and gain valuable experience in project management, leadership, and communication. They will also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and perspectives and to form lasting relationships with one another. Ultimately, the project aims to create a positive impact on local communities and to inspire a sense of solidarity and cooperation among European youth.


The European Solidarity Corps team project provides funding to support the implementation of the project. This funding covers a variety of costs associated with the project, including:

  1. Travel expenses: The funding can cover travel expenses to and from the project location for the volunteers, as well as any necessary travel during the project.
  2. Accommodation and subsistence: The funding can cover the costs of accommodation and subsistence for the volunteers during the project period.
  3. Insurance: The funding can cover the costs of insurance for the volunteers, including health insurance and liability insurance.
  4. Project materials and equipment: The funding can cover the costs of any materials or equipment needed for the project, such as workshop materials or tools for community service projects.
  5. Training and support: The funding can cover the costs of any necessary training or support for the volunteers, including language classes or project management training.


It’s important to note that the amount of funding available for a European Solidarity Corps team project may vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the size and scope of the project, the number of volunteers involved, and the duration of the project. However, the European Commission provides detailed information on the funding available for different types of projects, 


Volunteer activities provide an exciting opportunity to work with young people in a fun and dynamic environment. As a volunteer, you will be responsible for organizing and leading games and tournaments for local youth, as well as developing training programs to help athletes improve their skills. In addition, you will work closely with other volunteers and community organizations to promote participation in the activities and to provide guidance and mentorship to young athletes. Through your work, you will help to promote physical activity, social interaction, and healthy lifestyle choices among local youth, while also fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

As a volunteer for a Beach Handball and a Beach Volleyball championship, you will play a critical role in ensuring the success of the event. Your tasks may include:

  1. Event setup: Help with the setup of the event, including setting up tents, tables, chairs, and other equipment.
  2. Registration: Assist with the registration process for athletes, coaches, and other participants.
  3. Hospitality: Assist with providing hospitality to athletes, coaches, and other participants, including distributing food and beverages.
  4. Crowd management: Help to manage the crowds during the competition, including directing people to the appropriate areas and ensuring safety.
  5. Scorekeeping: Assist with keeping score and managing the tournament brackets.
  6. Refereeing: Serve as a referee for the competition, ensuring that rules are followed and disputes are resolved.
  7. Medical assistance: Provide medical assistance as needed, including first aid and emergency care.
  8. Event breakdown: Assist with the breakdown of the event, including taking down equipment and cleaning up the venue.


Beach Handball and a Beach Volleyball championship is a high-profile event that attracts athletes, coaches, and spectators from around the world. As a volunteer, you will be an essential part of the event, providing critical support to ensure that it runs smoothly and safely. Your tasks may include event setup, registration, hospitality, crowd management, scorekeeping, refereeing, medical assistance, and event breakdown. Through your work, you will play a vital role in creating a positive experience for all participants and spectators, while also gaining valuable experience in event management, crowd control, and customer service.



Volunteers could cook their meals on their own in their flats, they are going to receive 150 euros each month.


Accommodation will be in rented flats shared with other ESC volunteers or Spanish people. They will be provided with standard equipment and essential household goods. and electricity, water, gas will be covered by the hosting organization. Internet connection is not facilitated by the hosting organization.

Accommodation info pack and flat rules will be provided.

The volunteer will have FLIGHT COST as a deposit that will be reimbursed once the project is ended and the volunteer leaves tidy, clean, and with no damage in the private room and common areas

Local transport

Local transport will be provided for distances over 2,5 km from home to office.

If transport is needed, Each volunteer will have a chance to choose a BIKE or BUS CARD