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We inform you that we are looking for 2 motivated EVS volunteer for Intercambia Youth Organisation (Asociación Juvenil Intercambia).

Basic Info

  • Venue: Málaga, Spain
  • Start: Beginning of January 2019
  • End: Beginning of September  2019
  • Duration: 9 Months
  • Number of Vacancies: 2
  • Deadline to apply: 5th of August

Selection process

The selection process will consist in 3 stages:

Anyone interested may read the info below, fill in the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM  and attach their CV and motivation letter (in English or Spanish) before the 5th of August, 2018 until 23:55.

Selected candidates in the first stage will be contacted after the 13th of August and invited to send us their passion proofs.

The third stage will consist of skype interviews, that would be between the 3th and 4th of September

We will just take in consideration responsible, motivated and passionate application forms!

General information

Asociación Juvenil Intercambia began to work as a local youth initiative in 2004, based on the needs and interests of local youth in Málaga. Since then, the organisation has been working as a stable, official association with the mission to inspire youth to take action, realise their goals and act according to their needs. The aim of the organisation is to support and empower youth groups, young people and individuals to be active citizens of their communities, locally and in an European setting. Intercambia is a youth organisation created by young people for young people, that promotes initiatives, provides information and action tools. Our main activities are based on intercultural learning through non-formal education, aiming to promote the participation of young people, in order to reduce racism and to encourage tolerance, respect and solidarity. Our other aim is to promote the knowledge of other European regions and cultures, through the direct contact with other young people. Our slogan is “All equal, all different”.

Our organisation can offer to the volunteer different learning elements, like how a youth organisation works in Spain and the different working methodologies in relation to the people we are working with. We also offer the opportunity to teach to the volunteers new cultures and new situations, as well as to have the possibility to contribute creatively to our work through the exposition of new ideas. A key learning element is to promote the youth information. In fact, one of the pilars of Intercambia is to be an information network; we analyse several sources of local, regional, national and international information as well as promote programmes and opportunities for young people. We also give the possibility to develop social and cultural skills: the volunteer has the opportunity to interact with young people from various backgrounds and origins, providing a real insight into how young people live in Spain.

Intercambia has special interest in the field of new technologies as a tool to promote the integration of young people with difficulties, to facilitate information and to raise the direct participation of youth in the development and dissemination of information. The volunteer will have the opportunity to develop skills in new technologies and media: website, graphic design, edit/shoot videos, control of video cameras, etc.

Our working language is Castilian, so the volunteer will experience the Spanish language as a tool for working. On the other hand, due to our international activities, the volunteers could improve and develop other languages such as English, and even German if they have a prior knowledge, through the communication with other European/International organisations.

The volunteer will join our daily workday with the supervision of a mentor/coordinator.

Tasks of the volunteer

Working hours: 09:00 – 15:00 from Monday to Friday

Some additional and occasional activities may take part outside regular working hours (evenings, weekends).

Volunteers will participate in different activities during their project, here summarised:

  • Promotion of intercultural participation and learning. We manage an information desk in Malaga (Europa Más Cerca), in which local youth are informed about European mobility programmes. Volunteers may help giving information and counseling.
  • We also help and advise other organisations to develop European programmes. Volunteers also participate.
  • We also organise seminars and information sessions related with Europe, European Citizenship, as well as other more informal activities (cinema forum, multicultural meetings) in which we diffuse information about the EU, intercultural values and participation. In this campaigns, volunteers may present their European citizenship experience.
  • We also participate in and organise other E+ actions, so the groups receive pre-departure training with the aim of giving more value to their multicultural experience, so in this training process, EVS volunteers may talk about their experience of living in another culture and country.
  • Campaigns of promotion of volunteering. We organise workshops and training seminars together with the Andalusian volunteering agency and citizen participation area, at a local and regional scale. Volunteers may collaborate with these activities with the training team in the whole process: contact with organisations, planning training sessions, development and evaluation of sessions and they may also form active part of them if they want to talk about their experience as a volunteer. Some of these campaigns may include promotion to youngsters at Elementary schools and High schools.
  • Youth Information. Volunteers will search, select and diffuse local, regional and national youth information with the mentor through the organisation’s web site and electronic bulletins.
  • We form part of Eurodesk, so volunteers may have access to the information site and help youth using this service to solve their questions about Europe.
  • We work on YOUTH INFORMATION FIELD with tools such as:
  • Information and raising-awareness campaigns about Europe. We participate in several projects to make known the EU and the possibilities it gives to the youth , so volunteers may participate in these projects.

Volunteers will have a mentor for all these activities and will never be responsible for them. Furthermore, volunteers may participate in leisure activities of our organisation, like trips, concerts, theatre shows, etc.

Further information about the volunteers life

  • Food: The volunteer will receive every month 150 euros for food.
  • Accommodation:  The volunteer will live in a room in a shared flat with other young people. The room and the flat will be fully equipped and electricity, water, gas will be covered by the hosting organization. Internet connection is not covered by the hosting organization.
  • The practical arrangements (working hours, days off per week, holidays): The volunteer works 35 hours on 5 days per week. There is an entitlement to holidays of 15 labour days or 21 calendar days during the project.
  • Pocket money: The volunteer will receive the monthly rate foreseen by the Spanish NA, 150€ per month on the first day of the month.
  • Local transport: Every volunteer will have a chance to choose BIKE or BUS CARD if it is needed, long distance activities will be covered by hosting organization if is it needed.
  • Language support: The volunteer is entitled to receive a language support with an online platform, as stated on the Erasmus+ programme guide

Volunteers profile

We would like a person who wants to do things and get involved in a project for young people, sharing his/her cultural perspective in the activities that we carry out. The volunteer will be chosen according to motivational criteria, willingness to work in a team as well as commitment and interest to work with youth. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to get involve in cooperation and with open minded people to share their experiences and ideas. We would like to host two young people who really want to live as a volunteer, to learn in their experience and to develop personal and profesional skills. Young people who feel committed about what it means to be volunteer and are willing to give their services in the best way, with a positive attitude and, above all, with motivation and initiative to develop their own projects within the activities of our organisation.



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