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«Face to Face» was a youth exchange that took place in Monteoru, a beautiful village in a mountain area in the period from October 6 to 15, 2021. There were 32 participants from 7 countries, to discuss issues about youth unemployment in Europe, collect information and above all, have the skills to face an interview successfully.

Have you ever faced an interview without knowing what they might ask you? Have you ever had the opportunity to be interviewed? Do you think you have done your CV correctly and contributing the necessary things?

All these questions, doubts or fears, we had to face and resolve in the exchange. At the beginning, we were doing CVs in groups with at least one member from each participating country, we also debated which were the most asked questions in interviews and distributed the groups so that there were both participants with experience in various interviews and participants who have never been to.

Among all these workshops, we had some breaks for coffee / tea, lunches and typical dinners of the country, which were provided to us in the same hostel that we stayed and also, nights together, where we could talk and reflect on our daily experience. Also having an intercultural night of each country where you learn many things that are not usually known and another night with the presentation and typical of Romania.

We cannot forget to get to know Romania on an excursion, one of the days we went to visit the mud volcanoes, located in the mountainous area of Buzau, where we had the opportunity to take some incredible photos, take a walk or and have a sandwich.

The following days we looked for information on the internet about searches were those same questions that had been discussed previously, we did a research on unemployment in the different participating European countries, and the difference between youth unemployment and unemployment in general. In addition to debating by groups of countries if we believed that our governments make available enough tools for young people to get to work in good conditions.

Another day was a visit to the city, Buzau, a wonderful city, where discovering every corner was unforgettable.
For the last days they were the most dynamic, where you had to create a video to promote yourself personally, or even some services that you offered on a personal level. ending our days of workshops with some real interviewers in different companies, where we will check everything we receive receiving great feedback!

To end this wonderful experience, I just want to thank Tolea, the organizers and all the participants of the project, it could not have been better. I hope that each person who reads this encourages you to participate in more Erasmus + projects.


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