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Aquí tenéis la experiencia de un curso de formación en ESLOVENIA



Natural Selection

My Spanish mate and I were the last ones to arrive that evening. Everyone was talking while they finished the dinner. I wasn’t hungry, nerves were screaming inside the stomach and apparently, I was the only one who could listen. I chose the training course in order to learning more staff about the topic, “Words shape and identity”, in other words, LGBTI issues. However when I looked around the living-room, observing the people and feeling the environment, I just cared if I would’ve had the change to find another family in that guys.


In the NGO LEGIBITRA, we started getting each other. I couldn’t take my eyes off blue eyes and pretty smile which talk to me with shamefulness.  It’s difficult to explain, but in that moment I could know who was going to share, be honest, do her/his best during the project, spread love, enjoy and be her/himself in a 100%. It was a kind of special connection from the beginning that I wouldn’t have expected. For sure it’s going to be “until forever.”


I just needed a couple of days to identify myself like a mix of many of them. Maybe I was like that when I arrived or maybe I became in a better person thanks to hours of debates, conversations, laughs, coffees, beers and, of course, cigarettes. Happiness filled my body and mind during 9 whole days.


Did I learn terminology during the course? Of course I did. Actually I belong to a label that I didn’t know about its existence. I opened even more my mind and I got the knowledge to talk and listen about the racism, homosexuality, transgender, so many sexual orientations, etc. Furthermore, I got the keys to create and lead workshops and other activities, how should be a trainer and the importance of the participant selection. By other hand, no-formal education let you learning without effort and within session or “eating potatoes” (it doesn’t matter where and when), because workshop and passion trainers can remove boring situations to development freedom, the most comfortable and anxious place to release. In that space I heard horrible, sad and unfair stories which were came out by strong and shinning people. I felt guiltiness, admiration, strength to go on with the fight, madness, sadness … everything at the same time! The only thing that I was sure is I didn’t feel sorry for my new family, I felt sorry for those people who aren’t going to have the opportunity to love them, even if those people refuse them, I’m so sorry for their full hateful heart. Yes, I learnt that in my beautiful Hostel Celica. I don’t believe in imposed family, tradition and religion, for that reason guys, you are more real than my own life. Let’s keep our light to find each other in the way and make it more beautiful.12783552_10208836663574472_6752648618115610217_o



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