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Hi everyone!
I am Iván and I’m going to talk about the project Volley 4 Europe.
The aim purpose of the project was divided into three points:
First to provide information to the youth about Erasmus plus and local volunteering.
Second, to promote volleyball in Malaga, focus on the schools of Cartama.
Third, to cooperate and coordinate solidarity tournaments, one beach volleyball 4vs4, one amateur volleyball, and another more professional tournament. We also help like volunteers in a solidarity race of 10K.

How did I get into this program?
Actually, we were lucky because we knew Pedro for a while, he was the coordinator of the project, and he ask us if we wanted to participate as national participants. Anyway if you are interested in this kind of project, you can reach them in there are also different organizations where you can apply for different projects, you can check in European solidarity corps where or also in youthsalto where you can search for training courses.

-How do you feel when you get accepted?
When I get accepted, iI felt awesome because the project was about volleyball and I was going to do it with some friends that I already knew.

– How was your first activity day?
On our first day, we did some activities to know each other and did some team-building activities. We also had a welcome party where everyone could attend to. It was a great beginning because we could know each other in a really little time.

– how was the experience? 3 moments to not forget!
The experience was fantastic!
My three moments that I’m not going to forget are:
First, the Welcome party. When we started to be familiar with each other.
Second, the beach volley tournament. We get the opportunity to play and work in groups. we were divided into 2 groups, one who wanted to participate as players and the other as volunteers who wanted to coordinate and make sure that everything was running in a good way. We helped before the tournament started putting everything together and after that, we helped as referees in the different groups. My group didn’t get into the final but I really spend a nice game day.

Third, the Volleyball tournament where we realize how is the volunteering work in an «official «competition». Then I realize the importance of timing. however,  even it was a solidarity tournament and it was not a big prize, some coaches really get furious at different moments, and in my personal opinion, they didn’t act as good leaders.
– 1 Moment to forget
As I described before, on the second day of the tournament, on the «professional» one, we weren’t professional referees and some coaches make too much pressure on some volunteers.
– if you would like to repeat… WHY?
Taking everything into account, I would like to repeat international volunteering. Working in an international environment is always fascinating.

Personally, I believe that everybody should try an Erasmus + experience. It’s an experience that you can’t let it go!



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