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After countless short-term Erasmus projects I’ve been a part of within the last two years, Volley4europe has been one of the most transformative experiences of my lifetime. The project was organized very well. Pedro‘s communication was amazing, pre-arrival instructions were clear, the project itself was very interesting and fulfilling, and the after-project info with regards to the reimbursement process and the Youthpass was handled very well. The accommodation was nice, clean, and sufficient – just as promised. The location of the apartment was also in the walking distance to the center, which was a big plus. The structure of the schedule was always very clear, just as were the instructions. We always knew what we must do and how to get there.
The composition of working days was very good, always allowing us to rest after periods of intense volunteering days. What I really appreciate about the project and is the fact that we had a free week towards the end of the project, which we used to travel around Spain. It was extremely nice that the coordinators of the project thought about giving us more free days in a row, which made travelling around so much easier. It didn’t even bother us that we didn’t have so many free days during the first two weeks, because in the end, the work which we did was fun, and we enjoyed it very much. We also had enough time to rest after work, which was really appreciated by everyone, since at times it was quite exhausting because of the temperatures at the beach.
The volunteer group was great, including the Spanish volunteers. We all became friends very quickly and created incredibly deep bonds and friendships that will last for years to come. There was not one person who made some problems or didn’t fit the group. We were taken care of very well by the hosting organization. In case of any problems, Pedro was always at our disposal and replied to all our texts or calls in the manner of minutes. He was always very helpful and caring, which was just so incredible and felt so good. Unfortunately, this is not always the case on projects, so I appreciated it even more.
The activities were super interesting, every day was completely different, and at the end, every day was fun. What I really appreciate is the fact that we got the chance, and in fact were even encouraged, to not only supervise the activities, but to take part in them too. For example, we participated in the amateur volley tournaments, both beach and indoor, for which I’m really grateful for, because it was an incredible and bonding experience. This project really was special. Not only because of Spain, beaches, volleyball and the hot weather (although that of course played its part) but It’s the amazing organization of the project, the volunteers, Pedro’s spirit and helpfulness, and many other things combined that made this project an unforgettable and truly my favorite Erasmus experience so far.



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