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We inform you that we are looking for 3 CES volunteers for the El Torcal Neighborhood Organization.

Basic information:

• Place: Malaga, Spain

• Start: May / June

• Fin: May / June

• Duration: 12 months

• Number of vacancies: 3

• Deadline to apply: 03/20/2019

• From: Candidates from ESC countries.

• Travel budget

The selection process will consist of 2 stages:

Anyone interested can read the information below, complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and attach their CV and motivation letter (in English or Spanish) before March 20, 2019 until 23:55.

The second stage will consist of Skype interviews, which will take place between March 22 and 29.

We will only consider responsible, motivated and passionate application forms.

General information

The “El Torcal” neighborhood association was founded in 1987, currently has more than 350 families as members, all belonging to our neighborhood and those around, in addition to the participation of many young volunteers.

The association is located in the 7th district of Malaga, one of the areas with the highest population density, and with great problems of unemployment, low educational level, immigrants and at risk of social exclusion. Our field of action is not only limited to the El Torcal sweep, but we extend it to the neighborhoods that exist around us, this area of ​​action is qualified by the Junta de Andalucía as an area with a high number of people in social exclusion and scarce economic means

We promote activities that facilitate their personal development, and produce a positive social change, facilitating their non-formal education, and that this allows them to access the labor market.

The main objective of the Neighborhood Association is to work with the young and old, both in the neighborhood and in the surrounding areas, to try to build a more inclusive society, supporting vulnerable people and responding to the social challenges they face every day we face: cultural diversity, unemployment, lack of social involvement, social exclusion, (among others due to the poor educational and work preparation, together with the low economic level), promotion of sports, care for the environment, etc.

The three volunteers will be in a favorable host environment to carry out the different activities of the project, and will count on our respect and confidence to carry out the objectives of our organization, which are closely linked to those marked in the European Corps program of Solidarity.

Through the different activities, we will encourage meeting spaces, for active partitioning, that allow us the responsible cultural, sports and social development of our area of ​​influence.

Volunteer  tasks

Working hours: from 09:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday, (maximum 38 hours per week)

Some additional and occasional activities may participate outside of normal business hours (nights, weekends).

The activities that will be carried out in the project of the European solidarity body under the name “Encourage integration and the breaking of barriers under the development of the senses, will be grouped into 5 main action blocks and depending on the objectives that we have marked.

A first block of action will be the activities that we will develop to favor access to the labor market and the emancipation of the youth of our community.

In the second block we will carry out a garden of the senses, which will consist in teaching the young people of our neighborhood and those of the school, the different senses through the plants and flowers.

The third block of activities that we will carry out will be framed within the promotion of participation and creativity. The activities that we will carry out are: Preparation of the Shorts Contest.

In the same way they will participate in the organization of the celebration of the day of the Major, in the Flemish Night, in the meeting of groups of Verdiales, the celebration of the carnivals, in the cavalcade of the Magi. All these activities require prior preparation, in the dissemination, the realization of posters, contact with the various groups involved, etc.

In the fourth block will be in the activities that we will carry out for social inclusion. The activities carried out by the association in this sense are: Self-esteem workshops, workshops to learn to speak in public, support workshop on school issues, this workshop will be held from Monday to Thursday in the afternoon, Computer Workshop, Workshop of social networks and that can provide us, etc.

And, finally, they will help us with the preparation and realization of the Day of Peace, Women’s Day, Solidarity Day, Environment Day. We will carry out sports activities as another way of relating, such as the organization of tournaments, leagues and sporting.

More information about the lives of the volunteers.

• Food: The volunteer will receive 150 euros per meal each month.

• Accommodation: the volunteer will live in a room in a flat shared with other young people. The room and apartment will be fully equipped and the accommodation organization will cover electricity, water and gas. The Internet connection is not covered by the hosting organization.

• Practical arrangements (hours of work, days off per week, holidays): the volunteer works a maximum of 38 hours in 5 days a week. There is a right to vacations of 20 business days or 26 calendar days during the project.

• Pocket money: the volunteer will receive the monthly fee provided by the NA of Spain, € 150 per month on the first day of the month.

• Language support: the volunteer is entitled to receive language support with an online platform, as indicated in the Erasmus + program guide

Profile of volunteers

We are looking for volunteers between 18 and 30 years old, who are motivated and eager to learn new cultures and participate in the activities of the association. No formal education qualification is required, but a positive and proactive attitude, tolerance, flexibility, motivation and enthusiasm.

We want volunteers who have a lot of enthusiasm and enthusiasm to work with young people in situations with limited economic resources and low educational level,

Volunteers with personal work capacity and desire to have fun, and learn new things and teach and share with others, engaging in activities that require greater autonomy, desire to implement ideas in the social field

We are looking for volunteers who have a supportive attitude with the values ​​of human rights, nonviolence, spirit of exchange, and care of the environment, all important pillars of our project.


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