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TYPE OF PROJECT Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices -Capacity Building in the field of Youth


DATES  November 2019 – May 2021


  • Stepanavan Youth Center NGO (Armenia): coordinator
  • Alliance for Society Advancement (Georgia): partner
  • Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia (Spain) : partner
  • Asociatia Se Poate (Romania) : partner
  • Higher Educational Establishment Ukrainian Catholic University, Institute of leadership and management Ukrainian Catholic University (Ukraine) : partner
  • Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy) : partner


“ProMovEnt” (PME) empowers youth female participation in social entrepreneurship on an equal footing with male youths by means of a customized and tested approach of Non Formal Education to empower youth females (Age 18-25) potential social entrepreneurs in rural areas as well as youth organizations and operators that work with the target on a regular basis as agents of entrepreneurial education.

PME places a priority focus on exploring and adapting the entrepreneurial learning outcomes designed by European Training Foundation (ETF) “Entrepreneurship Competence Framework” for transnational relevance across the different realities of the partnership (Eastern Partnership Countries and Europe), educational setting (non-formal learning) and target group (potential female youth social entrepreneurs in rural areas).


  • Young people potential entrepreneurs in rural areas, both males and females
  • Youth operators taking part in the project
  • Partner organizations and partners’ staff
  • Stakeholders (businesses/youth businesses, public authorities, NGOs, schools)
  • General public.


  • Identifying the state of the art in female youth entrepreneurship in rural areas with a focus on the current profiles of female youth social entrepreneurs.
  • Developing a Training Format for youth operators and organizations empowering youth workers as educators for developing capacities of social entrepreneurship in female youngsters from rural áreas.
  • Testing the Training Format with an audience of youth workers from partner organizations in a specific Training Course.
  • Providing potential youth entrepreneurs in rural areas, male and females, with the groundwork of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills for an upcoming international Youth Exchange focused on brainstorming and co-creating youngsters’ entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Implementing a transnational Youth Exchange.
  • Carrying out a phase of local activities as a complete learning programme.
  • Producing a Manual supporting youth operators and organizations external to the partnership, in Eastern Partnership countries and Europe.
  • Establishing a Web Platform storing project contents in digital version and operating as an open architecture of visibility and learning.
  • Creating a network of NGOs and active female/male youth entrepreneurs for ensuring long-term sustainable continuation of the project at the local and international levels.


  • Kick off – Armenia
  • TC – Italy
  • Youth Exchange – Armenia
  • Mid Term – Ucrania
  • Local Activities
  • Final Event – Italy


  • Training Format.
  • Manual “Social Business- Rural ModEnt”.
  • Web platform.