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Nuestras Super Voluntarias Europea María y Veronica … (unos autenticos bichillos ) nos mandan su blog de Voluntarias Europeas en Bulgaria… una de las entradas hace referencia a lo que significa vivir con su compañera de Alemania… y (la Alemana hace lo mismo sobre María…) A nosotros nos ha encantado y nos ha dado ha levantado unas risas.

Así que hemos decidido compartirlo . (la foto lo deja todo claro…)

Creemos firmemente que el SVE crea EUROPA!



After sharing more than three months a flat, it was time to analyze the other nationality. Of course there are thousands of negative facts about Spaniards and Germans, but we tried to find at least ten reasons why to put a German/Spaniard in your life. That was hard.

10 reasons to put a German in your life… Vs 10 reasons why to put a (e)Spaniard in your life…

10 reasons to put a German in your life…

  • 1. The right tempo. Always on time, do you know why? Because they don´t walk, they run
  • 2. Their management skills. Unbelievable – their ability of doing things at the same time and in time record. Needless to say that always with the best quality. 3. The sweeter the better. Thanks to Germans for Nutella!
  • 4. Breaking stereotypes. Seriously speaking, not all Germans are boring. 5. Breaking stereotypes part II. Not all Germans are eating potatoes every day. Ok, in fact this is not true, but they know lot of ways of cooking it.
  • 6. Feel safe and sound. They will take care of you always, despite the risk involved in it.
  • 7. Keep Calm & Call a German, they will stress for you.
  • 8. Their love for sports. Impossible to convince them that they are not the best in all of the competitions.
  • 9. DIY, Do-It-Yourself. Their impossibility to live with something broken at home makes your life easy, they will change all the blown bulbs for you.
  • 10. Deine Mutter ist fantastisch.

10 reasons why to put a (e)Spaniard in your life…

  • 1. The positive atmosphere. There is no (e)space for bad mood if there are (e)Spanish people in your room.
  • 2. Kisses and touches every time. Okay, maybe sometimes too much.
  • 3. Their relaxing attitude to time. Why not taking 2 hours for cooking a tortilla?
  • 4. The best jamon in the world. Even for breakfast they are eating jamon.
  • 5. You don´t need a knife anymore. Just put the olive oil with your fingers at the bread.
  • 6. Thanks to (e)Spain for Mallorca, Ibiza and Teneriffa!
  • 7. The social and family friendly life. To live at Hotel Mama till the 30th birthday is not the best way to become independent, but it´s a proof that they are really social.
  • 8. Talkative. Often until I have a headache.
  • 9. Fiesta and siesta – everything except (e)stress.
  • 10. Se está liando.

Greetings from Varna, guys! Hope to see you soon! Mireia and Til Man or TilMan…



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