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10854466_872063759501583_8652859550491537459_oUPACE SAN FERNANDO CALL OF EVS (CADIZ, SPAIN)

UPACE SAN FERNANDO is looking for 5 motivated EVS volunteers to work in field of disability

Basic Info:

  • Venue: Town of San Fernando, Cádiz, Spain
  • Start Date: 1st of March 2016
  • End Date: 28th of February 2017
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Open to all Erasmus+ Program Countries
  • Application Deadline: 1st Sept 2015
  • More Info: Facebook page



UPACE SAN FERNANDO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the care of persons with cerebral palsy (CP), to improve their quality of life both in the residential area, leisure, culture and sport.

The CP is a disability caused by brain injury caused during pregnancy, birth or early life. It is permanent and unchangeable and is one of the most frequent causes of motor disability.

UPACE SAN FERNANDO works to provide comprehensive care and a better quality of life for persons with Cerebral Palsy.

We have several Centers and Services where we offer activities such as:

  • Black theater. Moving theatrical performance held under the effects of light and shadow on a darkened stage. Persons with Cerebral Palsy can cope very well in this stage and tell a story through images, lights and music.
  • Multisensory room. People with CP have altered perception. In this room the senses are stimulated through color, sound, textures, shapes, etc.
  • Game room. All children likes to play, but there are certain digital games that require little adaptation for persons with Cerebral Palsy can practice it. We have got a console, dartboard, bowls and escalextric that can be used by persons with Cerebral Palsy.
  • Activities and Leisure. We carried out, excursions, parks, cinemas, theaters, weekends, Easter, etc., to enhance the social and community life. In this way we prevent social deprivation and isolation remain.
  • In summer (school holidays) we have this service for persons with cerebral palsy. A specialized service look after their needs
  • Summer Camp. This project carried out exclusively in the holiday period, mainly due to the need to offer families an alternative to reconciliation of family and working life.
  • EyeCon room. Music therapy room. Through a system of specific software people with Cerebral Palsy stimulate their body through music.
  • Sensory stimulation through water.
  • Promotion of adapted sports.


The volunteers may carry out the following activities.

Stage Play:

  1. Creation and development of materials; props (set and costumes).
  2. Sound and images: audiovisual montage, lighting, music recording, photography and special effects.
  3. Computers and marketing: blog project outside contacts, social networks, dissemination of the project, graphic design and preparation of press releases.
  4. Testing: drama, texts, performing arts, body language, movements, makeup and wardrobe tests.

According to other activities:

  • Preparation and accompaniment room for lunch and snack of users.
  • Participation at playroom activities.
  • Accompaniment to playroom.
  • Accompaniment to multisensory room.
  • Participation and support in leisure activities (outings, parties, cinema, theater, experiential stories, etc).
  • Accompaniment on outings organized by the group of Self-Advocates.
  • Participate in psychomotor and sports activities.
  • Participation in activities of colonies.
  • Accompaniment to hydrotherapy.
  • Support and realization of music therapy workshop (EyeCon room).
  • Support and realization of adapted sports.
  • Accompaniment to Summer Camp.



UPACE SAN FERNANDO has two lodging options:

  • Our Residence «Ál Ándalus» destinated to persons with cerebral palsy and related disabilities for over 40 years, has 9 free rooms (6 doubles and 3 singles). They are equipped with bed, bathroom, closet, nightstand, natural ventilation and air conditioning. We have laundry service, housekeeping and dining. The Volunteers can benefit from these services while in UPACE SAN FERNANDO, if adapted to the times of the Center «Al Ándalus».
  • We also have an apartment in a location close to «Ál Ándalus» (20 minutes walk) fully furnished in all rooms. It has individual entry, 9 rooms; 5 double and 4 singles, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 lounges and courtyard.
  • Transportation: For those activities where a means of transport necessary UPACE SAN FERNANDO has its own vehicle for it.



  • From May 25 until June 12, 2015: Receipt of letters of motivation, Curriculum and registration form. Mail:
  • Days 17, 18 and June 19, 2015: preselection of candidates and interviews by Skype.
  • Week 22 to June 26, 2015: Publication of people selected and contacted their bodies to organize shipping application.

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