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Por la presente os informamos que una entidad DE FINLANDIA está buscando jóvenes entre 18 y 30 años para hacer unOS PROYECTOS DE VOLUNTARIADO  por unperiodo entre 8-10 meses, los cuales empezarían en marzo/abril.

El voluntariado es una acción del programa ERASMUS+ que cubre una buena parte de los gastos de Desplazamiento (según distancia en Km) , y el 100% del alojamiento, comida, formación lingüística, transporte local…

Los interesados deben rellenar el formulario adjuntado, con su carta de motivación y CV, en inglés, y mandarlo a  cuanto antes.

Se informa que los seleccionados deberán asistir a una formación a la salida, presencial y obligatoria en Málaga. La cual está prevista para febrero/marzo.

Si quieres saber más de esta y otras acciones del programa Erasmus Plus puedes escribirnos a



Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland announces two open positions to European Solidarity Corps Volunteering projects.Please find below descriptions of the available projects.

These ESC volunteering positions are open for youth from any ESC sending organization to apply. Please note that we don’t make any partner agreements before choosing the volunteers.

For applying instructions and application form, please go to

The volunteers will be selected as soon as suitable candidates are found. 
1. Helsingin lyhytaikaiskoti ja työpaja Lyhty ry / Lyhty C Housing Unit

  • Period: 1.4.2019–31.1.2020 (10 months)
  • Number of volunteers: 1
  • Organization: The volunteer works as an assistant in Lyhty C housing unit of the non-profit NGO “Lyhty ry”, which provides housing, education and work activity services for adults with learning disabilities. Lyhty C housing unit is a home for 8 adults with disabilities and it is situated in a lovely neighborhood in Helsinki.
  • Volunteer’s role and tasks: The volunteer’s tasks include supporting the residents, who are adults with learning disabilities to take an active role in their everyday activities. This means assisting with the daily household tasks, like keeping the housing unit clean and aesthetic, cooking together, doing the laundry and participating and supporting the residents to participate actively in the community activities and free-time activities, such as going together to a supermarket or movies or library or doing outdoor activities. All tasks can be done together with residents. Work includes morning and evening shifts, as well as weekend work shifts (5 work days per week.).
  • Volunteer’s requirements: Good social skills and motivation to work with people with special needs are important. The work can be dynamic at times and requires such mentality. It is important to have the motivation to learn Finnish language to be able to communicate better with the residents. Lyhty is nonsmoking working place.
  • Accommodation: Volunteer is accommodated in one of Lyhty’s housing buildings and will be sharing a room with a female volunteer, so we are looking for a female volunteer this time.
  • Homepage of the voluntary workplace:
  • Application deadline: Apply as soon as possible – the volunteer will be selected as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

2) Metsähallitus – Parks & Wildlife Finland / Koli National Park and Koli Nature Centre Ukko

  • Period: 4.3.–5.11.2019 (8 months)
  • Number of volunteers: 1
  • Short description of the host organization: Koli National Park is one of Finland’s 39 national parks, which are run by Metsähallitus. Koli is located in Eastern Finland in the municipality of Lieksa. Koli’s hills, lakes and forests provide a beautiful scenery for enjoyable outdoor activities at any time of year. The Nature Centre is the heart of the activities and the volunteer tasks in the national park. The nature centre Ukko offers hiking and tourist information services, guided tours, national park rental hut bookings, conference services and there is also a small café.
  • Volunteer’s role and tasks: Tasks vary from customer service tasks at the nature centre to outdoor work in the nature. The volunteers assist the staff at the nature centre Ukko and help to run the café. It is important, that the volunteer is outdoor-oriented, interested in the Finnish nature and motivated to work outside in different seasons, but also interested in baking and work at the café. As a volunteer you might be able to conduct small development project for the nature centre according to your skills and ideas. If you have good photography skills or other interests in developing your medias, we are glad to welcome your expertise.
  • Volunteer’s requirements: Moderate English skills are required. The work also involves physical labor in field conditions and the volunteer should be able to adopt to a variety of tasks. Our protected areas are located in remote places, where are no good public transportation, so we are looking for outdoor-oriented volunteers. It is important that the volunteer is motivated to live surrounded by nature and is oriented to live through the different seasons in Finland.
  • Accommodation: The volunteer will be offered accommodation in a house within walking distance from the nature Centre Ukko. They will live together with another volunteer. Upstairs there are two separate rooms for volunteers and downstairs there are offices, kitchen, bathroom and living room. The participant should be able to adapt in modest living conditions in the nature with no frequent connections to the cities.
  • Homepage of the voluntary workplace:
  • Application deadline: Apply as soon as possible – the volunteer will be selected as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

How to apply

  1. Go to Maailmanvaihto’s website and read more about the available positions and application process:
  2. Fill out our official application form which you will find on our website (link above). Please note that Maailmanvaihto only accepts applications that have been filled into the official application form of Maailmanvaihto.
  3.  Send the filled form to


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