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Por la presente os informamos que una entidad sueca está buscando 4 jóvenes entre 18 y 30 años para hacer un proyecto del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad  en Jönköping, Suecia por un periodo de 12 meses, que empezará en Septiembre 2021.

El CES es una acción de voluntariado financiado por la Comisión Europea que cubre una buena parte de los gastos de Desplazamiento (según distancia en Km) , y el 100% del alojamiento, comida, formación lingüística, transporte local…

Las personas interesadas deben  mandar su carta de motivación y CV, ambos en inglés, antes del 15/05/2021 a la siguiente dirección de mail:

Se informa que las personas seleccionadas deberán participar en una formación a la salida, obligatoria y que en estos momentos estamos realizando de manera telemática. La cual se realizará cuando la persona voluntaria sea seleccionada.

Más información del proyecto

Our volunteering project aims to increase youth’s knowledge about democracy and how to make use of it. The setting for the project will be youth centres in the municipality of Jönköping – an area with almost 150.000 inhabitants, located in the Swedish province Småland. The municipality’s youth centres together with other parts of the organisation and the local civil society (i.e sports associations and NGO’s) are working in tandem to increase awareness, integration and inclusion. The youth centres are working with children and youth in different ages, but especially target those who are 10-19 years old. They offer both after-school and evening activities, depending on which age group the youth centre in question is aimed at.

All youth centres aim at continuous efforts to broaden and increase understanding, consciousness and tolerance for one another. Since Jönköping is a diverse city it is important to create an environment where everyone of any age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and functional ability can flourish. The municipality’s youth centers play an important role in this work as they foster the city’s next generations. Therefore, our project objective is to increase solidarity between different cultures through activities focused on democracy. We are convinced that the different tools, activities, experiences and knowledge that you will bring from your local youth centres, hometowns and home countries, can help us levering the young people’s voices further.

We are looking to host 4 volunteers during 12 months, starting 1 September. Volunteers will work with the project activity Dags för Tjafs 2.0 – a project activity focused on democracy. In addition to developing your own democracy related projects, the volunteers will be a part of the youth centres everyday work. We believe that this will facilitate your adaption to the context and enable understanding of how the target group functions. When taking part of the youth centres’ everyday work you and the staff will organise different types of activities, such as creating art crafts, quizzes and discussions on various subjects, as well as doing outdoor activities with the children and youth. Aside from this, you will also be encouraged to plan and carry out other projects and activities that rhyme well with the municipality’s, project’s and ESC’s goals.

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