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K2 – InterAct: Intergenerational Activities for Social Inclusion

2022-2-RO01-KA210-ADU- 000097201
Our project has different objectives:

The two target groups are the youth and the elderly of our communities. Through the realization and their active participation in intergenerational activities, we aim to create a dialogue and to bridge the intergenerational gap among them. For the beneficiaries

  • Acquisition of new skills. Indeed, participating in and organizing intergenerational activities will allow the two target groups to exchange and acquire new knowledge and skills – both practical and theoretical. This will not only be related to what
    people can learn from the activities’ content but also to broader skills such as teamwork, time management, empathy, solidarity…
  • more engagement at the local level: taking part in this project will allow the beneficiaries to learn more about our associations and the work we already do. They will also have the opportunity to actively create activities and generate good practices that can be reused in the future by others. We believe that this whole process will create the willingness and the desire in some participants to actively take part in other projects or in the daily work that our associations do in the communities;
  • support the active aging of the population 60+ involved in the project. According to the World Health Organization, active aging is “the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation, and security in order to enhance the quality of life as people age.” By participating in our project’s activities, the elderlies will improve their physical and mental conditions, they will feel less isolated, more helpful, and socially included. This will lead to a reduced risk of depression and to increased
    longevity, as studies discovered;
  • implementation of a mentoring and support system by the elderly for the youth. Previous projects like ours have shown that
    this system will lead to an improvement in the schools’ results for the youth.

 For the partners

We will learn about writing and implementing a project in a field still unfamiliar to both associations. We will also improve our skills in managing a project with another partner (e.g. communication skills; time management; respecting deadlines…).

  • Expected results are:
    – 3 Transnational meetings;
    – Local activities: in both countries, we will organize a series of activities and workshops.

They will be held once per week over a period of 12 months, for a total of 46 activities (taking into consideration also the holidays). We will involve 20 people

  • 60+ and 20 young people per country;
    • 1 Handbook with the overall results;
    • 1 website created by the partners but filled in by the beneficiaries with contents created during the local activities. It will be in the native language of the participants, but an English translation will be strongly encouraged;
  • knowledge acquired both by the beneficiaries and the partners;
  • possibility of future collaborations for the partners and future engagement to other projects for the beneficiaries
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